Dental Restorations in Manhattan Beach and Woodland Hills CA

multigenerational family smilingYour teeth have a tough job!

Chewing and grinding food places constant pressure on them, in addition to constantly exposing them to decay-causing bacteria that feed on sugary and starchy food residue. It is no wonder that sometimes a tooth may require repair or even replacement. At American Modern Dentistry, we restore the health of your teeth with the latest technology and materials to ensure longevity and esthetics.

Tooth-Colored Fillings in Manhattan Beach

Decay is the single most common preventable disease in America, according to the Centers for Disease Control. More than 95% of adults will have at least one instance of decay by adulthood. The reason for this has to do with the changing American diet. Sugary and starchy foods that are convenient and readily available are a common part of the American diet, providing the bacteria that cause decay with the fuel they need to reproduce quickly.

Maintaining good home care and regular dental visits can reduce your likelihood of dental decay and even help you avoid it altogether. If you do have decay, Dr. Gould or Dr. Adorjan can identify it upon visual inspection or using digital dental x-rays. Early diagnosis often means simpler treatment.

When a filling becomes necessary, we use reliable and durable tooth-colored composite. Composite, a BPA-free plastic material, allows us to provide more conservative treatment than old, dark amalgams because we can remove less of your healthy tooth structure.

Composite comes in a wide variety of shades to match your existing teeth, giving you natural-looking results.

close up of woman's smile after dental crownsProtective Custom Dental Crowns in Woodland Hills

In instances of damage or deep decay, a filling may not provide enough stability to protect your tooth. Dental crowns completely cover your tooth from your gum line to your chewing surface, like a helmet. Your crown will restore the shape and function of your tooth and absorb much of the force from chewing.

Like fillings, we design your crown to match your smile. Typically, crowns are made from porcelain and can last a long time, up to a decade, with proper care.

Smile-Restoring Dental Bridges

If you have a missing tooth, you know that it can make you self-conscious about smiling. Did you also know that allowing a gap to remain in your smile also gives your teeth room to shift? This shifting can destroy the integrity of your bite, also known as occlusion, and make eating difficult. Shifting teeth also complicate jaw problems and sometimes result in painful joints.

A dental bridge can fill the gap in your smile and keep your teeth from shifting. Two porcelain crowns hold an artificial tooth in place, filling the gap in your smile. Like our other restorations, each dental bridge is a custom creation designed especially for you. Our beautiful restorations always encourage big smiles from our patients!

Our Commitment to You

At Modern American Dentistry, we take pride in the dentistry we provide. We stand by our work and guarantee it. While dental restorations rarely last a lifetime, many can provide years of value and service to your health and your smile.

Regular dental exams, professional dental cleanings, and wearing a nightguard, if recommended, are great insurance on the investment in your dentistry.

Call us today to schedule a dental exam in our Los Angeles area Woodland Hills or Manhattan Beach dental offices.