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If your tooth has decayed to the point that it is unrepairable, unrestorable, or unrecoverable, extracting the tooth may be the best option. An extraction removes the decayed material, tooth, and tissue, as far down as the root, so that your body will naturally heal the missing wound (known as a socket wound) without the need for more surgery. Extraction begins with an assessment of your mouth, oral health profile, and the extent of the decay or damage. This assessment is the determining factor in the extent of your extraction, or it could be used to suggest a better way of fixing the problem with less pain for you. 

woman looking at smile after tooth extractionTooth Extraction Process Woodland Hills

If extraction is the best method, then your dentist will first numb the area, so the procedure is painless.  The dentist will remove the infected tooth, including the root.  It is a common thing to feel mild discomfort after the anesthesia wears off and for the next day or so following the procedure.  After one to two weeks, your initial healing period will be complete, and you will have new bone and gum tissue that will grow to replace the extracted parts. Over time, our team may replace the missing tooth or teeth with dentures, bridges, or implants to keep the rest of your teeth in place and ease the transition and final healing process.

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After extraction and healing, your mouth will be free of extensive decay and you can proceed to slowly introduce more solid foods into your daily eating habits. At the beginning, soft foods like bananas, mashed foods, applesauce, and yogurt will be the best ways to stay healthy and give your mouth time to heal.
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