Exterior of Manhattan Beach officeYour First Visit to Modern American Dentistry   

Our goal at Modern American Dentistry is to make sure your first visit with us is enjoyable, stress-free, and informative. Here is what you can expect during your New Patient Exam.

New Patient Exam 

One of our assistants or hygienists will take you on a tour of our office and get you familiar with your surroundings then they will bring you to the back and get you comfortable in your room.

They will take digital X-Rays and photos of your teeth. These images along with an examination of your teeth, gums, TMJ, and airway, will allow the Doctor to make an accurate assessment of your dental health.


After all the records and information are gathered you will sit down with our Doctor to discuss all the findings. In addition to discussing how any disease found can be remedied, the Doctor will also discuss esthetics and how you can improve your smile.

Game PlanExterior of Woodland Hills dental office

Based on the records we’ve collected and feedback from you, we will come up with a custom dental plan that suits your needs. We will clearly go over the next step and have one of our team members go over the financials.

Two Convenient Locations in Southern California

Our Modern American Dentistry team is happy to provide experienced dentistry at two locations in Southern California. Please contact our Manhattan Beach or Woodland Hills dental offices to schedule your first exam with us. We look forward to meeting you!