Root Canal Therapy in Woodland Hills and Manhattan Beach

man smiling after having tooth pain relieved from root canalWhen patients call us and are experiencing a dental emergency, an infected root canal is often the culprit. Pain from a root canal infection can pop up quickly, without any other warning signs, and suddenly interrupt your life.

While many patients cringe at the phrase, “root canal therapy,” it is most often the symptoms that accompany the condition, not the treatment itself, that cause pain.

Symptoms of an Infection

Infected teeth have similar symptoms to other infections – pain and swelling. You may also find that your teeth are extremely sensitive to hot or cold temperatures or the feeling of pressure, and the pain might worsen when you lie down.

In some cases, infections result from deep decay, but in other cases, they seem to spring up out of nowhere. Either way, we will address it quickly with the goal of saving your tooth.

Root Canal Therapy in Woodland Hills

If you experience symptoms, contact us right away. Acting fast to treat a diseased tooth can increase the chances that we can save it and avoid the necessity of an extraction.

Root canal treatment requires precision and expertise. After you are completely numb, Dr. Gould or Dr. Adorjan will create an access point into your tooth’s canal. They will gently remove all diseased tissue and any signs of infection, and sterilize the area.

Once your root canal is completely clean, they will fill it to prevent further infection. Finally, they will seal your tooth with a temporary restoration to protect it while your body’s natural healing process takes over.

illustration of tooth and root systemPost Root Canal Treatment

It is normal to experience some sensitivity after root canal treatment as your body heals, but you should begin to feel better each day until the pain and sensitivity disappear entirely.

In a couple of weeks, we will ask you to come back to our Woodland Hills or Manhattan Beach dental offices for a follow-up exam to monitor your healing. Once your tooth heals completely, we will recommend a permanent restoration to protect it.

In some cases, a filling can seal your tooth and that will be enough protection. For other teeth, however, a dental crown may be necessary, especially for bicuspids and molars that do most of the work when chewing.

Why Do You Go through So Much Effort to Save a Tooth?

Root canal therapy combined with a restoration may seem like heroic efforts to save one tooth. Your natural teeth are still the best way to protect your health, even when treatment is necessary.

Losing a tooth can complicate your oral health by creating a chain reaction of shifting teeth and additional tooth loss. Tooth replacement therapy is often more complex and expensive than treating your natural tooth – even one that requires root canal therapy!

If You Have a Painful Tooth, Call Modern American Dentistry

Our successful track record with patients speaks for itself. We offer outstanding clinical treatment in a caring and comfortable environment, giving you the best of both worlds. We are passionate about what we do and look forward to helping you achieve optimum health and wellness.

Video Showing The Progression of Decay Leading To The Need For A Root Canal.

Video Showing A Tooth Fracture Leading To The Need For A Root Canal.

Video Showing A Root Canal Procedure.