General Dentistry in Manhattan Beach & Woodland Hills

When was the last time you had a dental check-up? If it was within the last six months, pat yourself on the back. Most dentists agree that two routine teeth cleanings and exams each year are enough to keep the average smile healthy and prevent most dental health problems. 

If you are like many Americans who regularly put off their dental care, however, you may not have seen a dentist within the last several years. If this sounds like you, don’t get discouraged! Even when you fall behind on your dental care, it’s never too late to start fresh and to commit to changing your habits for the better. And at Modern American Dentistry, our Manhattan Beach general dentists are here to help you every step of the way. 

Regular dental care is crucial if you want to maintain a healthy smile for life. So much of general dentistry focuses on preventive treatment and taking care of your teeth before any problems ever develop. Our dental practice is no exception—we believe in the importance of preventive services such as teeth cleanings and digital x-rays, as well as excellent at-home habits. 

woman getting dental cleaning Are you looking for a new dentist in Woodland Hills, CA? Our providers are accepting new patients for cleanings, dental exams, and all of our other general dentistry services. You can contact us at Modern American Dentistry today by calling (310) 640-0967 for our Manhattan Beach dentists or (818) 886-1076 for Woodland Hills. 

What do general dentists do?

Think of your general dentist as the primary care doctor for your smile. Just as you visit a family medical doctor for your preventive needs, such as routine vaccinations and annual physicals, you should also visit your general dentist for regular appointments to keep your teeth healthy and strong. 

General dentists are responsible for a variety of general dentistry tasks at their practices: educating patients, performing dental exams, monitoring concerning conditions, and treating oral health problems. General dentists typically focus on preventing common dental health issues such as cavities and gum disease by teaching patients how to care for their teeth at home correctly and by encouraging regular dental check-ups. 

You can expect your general dentist to offer services such as:

  • Professional dental cleanings
  • Cavity fillings 
  • Gum disease treatments  
  • Digital imaging, including Panorexes and bitewing x-rays 
  • Sealants 

At Modern American Dentistry, we offer general dental services such as teeth cleanings in Manhattan Beach. Our dentists and trained dental staff are experts at helping our patients protect their smiles. If you and your family are overdue for your dental appointments, our general dentists in Manhattan Beach can see you immediately for teeth cleanings and dental x-rays. 

man getting dental exam in manhattan beachWhy is general dentistry important?

Strong general dentistry is the foundation of every healthy smile. Your chances of keeping your teeth happy and cavity-free skyrocket when you make your dental care a priority—and it only takes a few minutes each day. Our dentists in Woodland Hills agree: simple, consistent oral hygiene habits usually mean the difference between a healthy smile and a mouth full of pain and problems. 

General dentistry matters so much because it is the first step on every journey toward a better smile. We believe in general dentistry in Manhattan Beach because we know that brushing and flossing your teeth every day and visiting your dentist a few times each year will give you the best chance at preventing disease and decay. 

If it’s been a while since the last time you saw a general dentist in Woodland Hills, you can still make an appointment with one of our treating providers. It’s never too late to start being proactive about your dental health! 

How can I actively participate in my dental care? 

There are so many ways you can actively participate in caring for your smile. As your Manhattan Beach, CA dentist, we do everything we can to protect and maintain your teeth—but at the end of the day, most of your dental treatment is in your hands. After all, you clean and care for your smile every single day, while you only see us a couple of times each year. 

If you’re struggling to brainstorm ways you can improve your dental hygiene, consider some of the following suggestions: 

  • Floss at least once per day
  • Brush your teeth for two minutes at least twice per day, but preferably after each meal or snack
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and avoid brushing too vigorously—small, gentle brushstrokes will do. Forceful brushing often leads to gum recession 
  • Avoid soda, energy drinks, juices, lemonade, and carbonated beverages. The carbon dioxide, sugar, and acid in these drinks will destroy your enamel and weaken your teeth 
  • Drink water throughout the day, as well as with each meal and snack
  • Clean your entire smile each day, not just your teeth. Pay extra attention to your gum line, and brush debris and bacteria off your tongue every night

Becoming a proactive participant in your dental care is typically two-fold: you need to have excellent oral hygiene habits at home, and you also need to visit the dentist for cleanings and exams regularly. While you are here with our Woodland Hills general dentists, it’s your chance to be an equal member of your treatment team. Yes, we are here to clean your teeth and recommend treatments—but we also want to hear from you! This visit is your chance to ask questions, request brushing and flossing demonstrations, review your dental x-rays, and learn more about your mouth. We know that informed dental patients make the most successful dental patients, so don’t be afraid to speak up and get clarification when you need it.

Do I really need to see the dentist twice a year?woman smiling

Generally, yes.

Most dentists use the “one visit every six months” rule as a guideline for their patients. We recommend visiting your Manhattan Beach dentist twice every year for routine smile maintenance. When you come into our dental office every six months, it gives us a chance to monitor your smile and catch any potential oral health problems before they become dangerous. Having our dental hygienists clean your teeth twice a year is usually frequent enough to get rid of any tartar and to leave your mouth feeling clean and fresh again. Most standard dental insurance plans cover one dental visit every six months, which makes it easy to get the care you need.

For some people, however, the six-month guideline is ineffective. Occasionally, our patients need to see us more frequently, such as every three or four months. Our Woodland Hills, CA dentists see patients who have significant oral health problems or whose poor genetics make their teeth more susceptible to decay more often than they see our “average” patients. 

Contact Our Manhattan Beach or Woodland Hills Practice

If you’re worried that your smile may need some extra care and attention, our dental office would be happy to see you as often as you need. We can schedule a dental cleaning and check-up three times a year, or even more often if it makes you feel comfortable. Sometimes, we will ask patients to come in for a quick exam without needing a teeth cleaning when we are monitoring a condition such as gum disease or when the patient is going through orthodontic treatment.

In general, if it’s been more than six months since your last dental appointment, we would love to see you at Modern American Dentistry. If you need your teeth cleaned or need a procedure such as a dental filling in Manhattan Beach, we can help! Call us at (310) 640-0967 or (818) 886-1076 today to get on our calendar. We look forward to working with you!