Teeth Whitening in Woodland Hills & Manhattan Beach, CA

Professional teeth whitening treatments in Manhattan Beach and Woodland Hill, CA remove stains on the surfaces of your teeth and from the pores of your enamel. The process gives you a whiter and brighter smile.

Our custom approach to your smile and smile brightness means optimal results faster. And professional teeth whitening is the perfect complement to your smile—great just before a wedding, dream vacation, or because you want to do something special just for you!

If you’re considering professional teeth whitening in Woodland Hills or Manhattan Beach, CA, contact us to schedule a smile talk with one of our top dentists to determine whether a teeth whitening treatment is a good option for your smile.

man and woman with bright smiles taking a selfieRead on to learn more about teeth whitening below.

Is teeth whitening good for me?

Your dentist in Manhattan Beach or Woodland Hills, CA will assess your smile health to make sure professional teeth whitening is a good option for you. Fortunately, most patients with healthy teeth and gums are good candidates for professional teeth whitening in Woodland Hills or Manhattan Beach, CA.

Considerations may include your oral and physical health, as well as any restorations. It’s important to remember that restorations do not lighten with your natural teeth. Your dentist will discuss options with you and come up with a possible plan. Restorations do not necessarily rule out a professional teeth whitening treatment.

In our dental offices, we want you to love your smile, and we will work hard to come up with a treatment that works for you.

How does professional teeth whitening work in Manhattan Beach or Woodland Hills?

With in-office bleaching, your dentist in Woodland Hills or Manhattan Beach, CA will determine your current tooth shade and oral health, as well as the level of whitening that you want to achieve. After protecting your gums with a shield or a gel, your dentist adds a bleach concentrate that sits on your teeth for a designated period, typically 30 minutes to an hour.

We also offer at-home bleaching so you can whiten your teeth according to your schedule. We provide a custom mouthpiece and specific instructions for your at-home bleaching. We create this mouthpiece or tray after taking impressions of your smile! It is nice to curl up with a good book, whiten your teeth, and not have to rearrange your schedule to have a whiter, brighter smile.

In-office whitening may brighten your smile faster, but if you have the time and no special events on the horizon, at-home whitening is ideal when it comes to lifting yellow stains over time.

At Modern American Dentistry, we want you to have options, and we want your dentistry to work for you and on your timeline.

woman smiling in office after getting teeth whiteningCan I combine teeth whitening with other cosmetic dentistry options?

Your Woodland Hills or Manhattan Beach, CA dentist often combines services to help patients reach their smile goals.

It starts with a conversation and a dental exam with your dentist. At Modern American Dentistry, our dentists always want to learn what you’re looking for in a new smile. And they want to help you plan and journey toward your goal.

The dental exam typically includes x-rays and a comprehensive oral check.  If you’re a good candidate for professional teeth whitening and other cosmetic dentistry options in Manhattan Beach or Woodland Hills, CA, your dentist will introduce a variety of combinations and choices, including:

  • Dental implants
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Porcelain tooth crowns
  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Dental bonding
  • Clear braces or Invisalign

Cosmetic dentistry options in Manhattan Beach or Woodland Hills, CA can do more than enhance the appearance of your smile. Cosmetic dentistry may also contribute to your smile health and confidence.

Our smiles are such a big part of who we are, and we use them many times each day, often without even realizing it! To live your best life, you should have a smile that makes you feel comfortable and confident. 

There are many benefits to cosmetic dentistry, and it all starts with the way you feel when you look in the mirror. Cosmetic dental treatments can help your smile look whiter, brighter, younger, healthier, and more radiant — which, in turn, dramatically improves the way you feel about your smile. When you have a smile that you love, it can even change your whole outlook on life!

In addition to boosting your confidence, cosmetic dentistry can also improve the health of your smile. Even though some cosmetic dental treatments may seem like they only fix aesthetic concerns, many treatments also make your smile healthier along the way. For example, Invisalign clear braces give you a straighter smile — which means you can floss, brush, and clean your teeth more effectively. When your teeth are correctly aligned, you are less likely to have problems due to infection or plaque build-up in tricky areas of your mouth. 

Cosmetic dentistry options in Manhattan Beach or Woodland Hills, CA—such as tooth crowns, dental bonding, and dental implants—also help make your teeth stronger and your smile more stable. 

Cosmetic dentistry impacts your entire smile and can significantly improve your overall oral health. To learn more about the cosmetic dentistry treatments we offer at Modern American Dentistry, call our Manhattan Beach or Woodland Hills dental office today! 

Man smiling after getting teeth whitenedIs professional teeth whitening better than store-bought?

At-home kits—over-the-counter— include either concentrated mixtures of a peroxide-based chemical or in the case of whitening toothpaste, abrasive materials that polish your teeth while you brush. Sometimes, store-bought products are not the best choice for your smile health. An abrasive product can be too harsh and damage your tooth enamel.

Additionally, store-bought whitening products may not give you the result you were hoping for. The product may not lift stubborn stains, or you may experience uneven bleaching—sometimes even a striped tooth appearance.

At Modern American Dentistry, we do not recommend bleaching without consulting a professional. A dental professional determines whether your smile healthy is in the right condition for bleaching. Your unique combination of medical history and oral health will be the key to the option that works best for you. We want you to be safe, and your smile to come to no harm!

How can I maintain my whiter smile longer?

Following your professional teeth whitening in Manhattan Beach or Woodland Hills, CA, your dentist may suggest that you avoid certain foods, beverages, and lifestyle choices that contribute to tooth discoloration.

Everything that goes into your mouth affects the color of your teeth. Smoking, caffeine, and sugar can damage the enamel and change the color of your teeth, even after bleaching. You may want to avoid red wines and sauces or be sure to brush and floss after you’ve indulged.

It is also essential to visit your dentist in Woodland Hills or Manhattan Beach, CA twice yearly for exams and teeth cleanings. Professional teeth cleanings may contribute to a whiter smile longer.

Also, if you opt for the take-home teeth whitening option, we can provide the prescription-strength gel so you can touch-up your smile periodically.

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