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Do oral devices work for sleep apnea?

Depending on the severity of your sleep apnea, an oral device may work for you. Oral appliances can be ideal for people with more moderate or mild cases of sleep apnea. These sometimes can take the place of CPAP (Continuous Positive air pressure) therapy, which requires you to wear a cumbersome mask while you sleep.

Who Can Wear an Oral Sleep Apnea Device?

  • Anyone with enough healthy tooth support
  • Anyone with a sleep apnea score (AHI or Apnea/Hypopnea Index) below 30
  • Anyone who can not or will not wear a CPAP mask

Is an Oral Appliance as Good as CPAP therapy?

CPAP is effective for everyone who can get used to wearing the mask while they sleep. However, oral devices can also be as effective in many cases.

The advantage of an oral appliance is that it's less cumbersome to use consistently. In mild to moderate apnea cases, an oral device can be equal to CPAP in effectiveness.

How Long Will an Oral Device Last?

Some dental insurance may cover replacement every three to five years, but it's different for each plan. With proper care, your oral appliance should last that length of time.

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