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Fix Flaws with Tooth-Colored Fillings and Dental Bonding!

At Modern American Dentistry, we use tooth-colored composite material to create dental fillings that blend so well with your smile that they’re practically invisible.

The material is made of glass and resin particles that combine to create a translucent appearance similar to tooth enamel. When we custom-shade the composite to match your teeth, the result is a repair that blends seamlessly into your smile.

These qualities also make tooth-colored composites perfect for fixing small cosmetic flaws like teeth with chips along the edges.

Since the material is pliable before we set it with a curing light, our Manhattan Beach cosmetic dentists can shape it to match the proportions of your tooth. Once the repair is complete and we set it with a curing light, no one will suspect that you’ve had any work done.

Affordable Cosmetic Options

We provide accurate, long-lasting dentistry and guarantee our work. Our patients are pleased with the results and often rave about their treatment. Call Modern American Dentistry today to see what we can help you achieve for your smile.

Unlike the olden times of wealthy superstars being the only people with access to cosmetic dentistry, we offer many treatments for family budgets that can help you enjoy a smile you love.

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