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How long will I be numb?

man getting dental treatment after getting anestheticDepending on the level of anesthetic we deliver, most patients will experience residual numbness for one to two hours after their dental procedure. Of course, your numbness depends on the type of procedure we provide. A small filling may require little to no anesthetic while a bridge may require numbing of several teeth.

It is important to remember that we treat each patient individually, and the level of anesthetic you require may not be the same as another patient. Your anxiety and metabolic composition play a part in how effectively anesthetic will work on you.

For patients who experience dental anxiety, getting and staying numb can be difficult. By managing your anxiety, we help the anesthetic work more effectively. We use oral medications and nitrous oxide to reduce dental fear and make your overall experience more pleasant and relaxed.

If you have a speaking engagement or important meeting after your procedure, we do offer anesthetic reversal that reduces your numbness to about thirty minutes following your procedure.

Avoiding hot liquids after dental treatment is a good idea since you may not be able to accurately determine the temperature and could burn yourself inadvertently. 

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