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Will my dental procedure hurt?

A woman is worked on in the dental chair | Sedation Dentist Manhattan BeachAt Modern American Dentistry, we provide pain-free dental treatment for our patients’ comfort. We accomplish this by delivering effective anesthetic and managing our patients’ anxiety.

Feeling anxious about your appointment can actually prevent you from feeling the full effects of your anesthetic. If you are a nervous patient, you are not alone! Since we are committed to providing outstanding care, we provide two types of anti-anxiety dental treatments for our patients.

Nitrous oxide sedation – This mild form of sedation helps you relax, is short-lived, and leaves your body within minutes. This works best for patients with mild anxiety who just need a little help relaxing.

Nitrous oxide is so safe, we can even use it for anxious kids.

Oral sedation – If you have a long history of dental anxiety or experience intense fear about your dental appointments, oral sedation is a more powerful sedative that will bring you even greater comfort. The effects of oral sedation are stronger and longer lasting. You will need someone to drive you home after your appointment.

You will remain conscious but will feel totally relaxed. You may even fall asleep.

Oral sedation is safe for most adults and works best for lengthy procedures or surgery.

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