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Myths about Dental Cleanings

October 1, 2015
Posted By: Dr. Gabe Adorjan

How often do you get your teeth cleaned? If you can’t remember the last time you had your teeth cleaning, you can only expect to suffer from tooth problems in the coming months. Although it may seem as if tooth cleaning is only an extra service that people avail of if they want to, it is a lot more important than that. In fact, everyone must avail of this service on a regular basis because without it, tooth problems will come.
And yet there are a lot of things about this dental service that people still need to discover. Sometimes people tend to disregard the facts because there are too many myths about it that people think are true.

Myth 1: Dental cleaning can scrape of the calcium in the teeth causing it to weaken. There is definitely no truth to this. Teeth cleaning scrape off the bacteria on the surface of the tooth that weakens it. The stains on your teeth are also removed through this procedure. If this is not done, you can lose your teeth one by one until they’re all gone.
Myth 2: Regular dental cleaning can cause the thinning of the teeth making it prone to breaking. Teeth thinning are caused by the lack of calcium in the person’s body. Tooth breaking on the other hand may be due to the hardness in the texture of the food that people eat. If you don’t want your tooth to break, refrain from eating hard to chew foods.

Myth 3: Dental cleaning is not a necessity. People get it for aesthetic purposes. This myth is a very common notion among those who do not understand the value of dental cleaning. Similar to the fact that people need to take a bath regularly at least once a day, dental cleaning is very much important too.

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