Preventive Dentistry in Woodland Hills & Manhattan Beach

Preventative Dentistry Woodland Hills CAWhile we take great pride in the high-quality restorative and cosmetic dentistry we offer, the foundation of our Woodland Hills and Manhattan Beach dental practice is built on effective preventive dentistry. 

Good Oral Health Improves Your Overall Health

You might be surprised to learn that many health-conscious patients who watch what they eat, exercise, and visit the doctor regularly actually neglect their oral health. Researchers have discovered over the last few decades how much your oral health can affect the other systems in your body. Periodontal disease affects over 65% of American adults, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As people age, that number rises dramatically.

Periodontal disease is an active infection in your gum tissue. It causes inflammation and can worsen many medical conditions including heart disease, diabetes, respiratory illnesses such as COPD and chronic bronchitis, and even Alzheimer’s disease.

At Modern American Dentistry, we make your health and wellness our number one priority and treat you and your family based on your needs. Your oral health may change as you go through the stages of life from childhood to adulthood through your senior years. Hormonal changes, medical history, and family history all play a part in how we plan your preventive treatment.

Dental Cleanings for Your Whole Family

Our hygiene department focuses on providing great care to your entire family – from toddlers to seniors. Professional dental cleanings allow us to address gum disease in its earliest stages, when it is easiest to treat and often reversible. By maintaining your regular dental cleaning schedule, you can often avoid gum disease and its complications altogether.

If you are new to our practice or have some catching up to do, we will never make you feel bad about your dental conditions. Both Dr. Joel Gould and Dr. Gabe Adorjan are kind, compassionate dentists who avoid guilt trips and focus on solutions for your health.

Our hygienists are thorough and have a gentle touch. The latest technology combined with their skills can keep your teeth clean and healthy. We work to educate patients on techniques and products to help maintain good oral hygiene between dental visits.

Comprehensive Oral Exams

Whether you are a new or existing patient, we will perform periodic comprehensive dental exams and x-rays to monitor changes or developments in your oral health. We do a complete exam of each tooth, your gum tissue, your bite, and update your medical history. Dr. Gould and Dr. Adorjan will compare your x-rays over time and alert you to any changes they find. This allows us to treat any potential conditions early.

Contact Us to Schedule Your Next Dental Cleaning

We welcome new patients at both our Woodland Hills and Manhattan Beach dental offices. Give us a call today to schedule your next preventive dental appointment. Your regular visits to our office are the best way to protect your oral health.