Custom Mouth Guards in Woodland Hills & Manhattan Beach

Mouth guards are plastic or silicone coverings that are worn to protect teeth from injury such as teeth grinding, problems with bite, during sports, and overnight. They can also help to keep your jaws properly aligned. Mouth guards work best when they are strong, light, and easy to clean.
Your dentist may suggest you use a mouth guard to protect your teeth if you clench or grind your teeth, if you have worn or fractured enamel, or if your teeth are loose and need support. Usually, mouth guards are available in three types, depending on your dental needs and your visit with your dentist.

teen smiling while holding a basketball on a courtMost stores carry stock mouth protectors. We discourage their use due to damage they can cause to your teeth. Boil and bite mouth guards are made with thermoplastic material that can be softened in boiling water. Due to the inaccuracy of the fit, these boil and bite guards can actually cause more harm to your teeth than good.

Custom Mouthguards in Woodland Hills

Our mouth guards are individually custom-fitted at our office based on an exact model of your mouth. Your dentist makes an impression of your teeth and mouth and a mouth guard made of special material is molded over your dental impression to give a custom fit to your exact jaw and dental shape. Once installed, the custom mouth guard will fit your mouth most comfortably and protect you throughout your everyday life.

If you have an active lifestyle with sports and physical activity, grind your teeth at night, or would like to protect your teeth while you are doing a strenuous activity, then a mouth guard can help protect your teeth with a custom, comfortable fit.

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