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At Modern American Dentistry, we provide the highest level of patient care and dentistry available. We incorporate modern technology to make your dental treatment more successful, precise, and comfortable. We create lasting relationships with our patients and value the role we play in the health of our community.

Sleep Restoration

Quality sleep is essential to good overall health! If you have trouble sleeping, wake up feeling tired, or if you snore, we can help! Our team utilizes the latest sleep treatments to improve your quality of life and allow you to get a good night's sleep!

Dr. Joel Gould
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Meet Dr. Gould

Dr. Gould launched a dynamic new practice concept, which he calls Modern American Dentistry. Begun at his flagship Manhattan Beach office in California, it has expanded to his practices in Woodland Hills and Santa Monica. A native of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Dr. Gould graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 1991 with a Doctorate in Dental Surgery. In Ontario, he joined forces with the government to provide on-site dental care and treatment to elementary school children in underserviced areas. He also established a dental clinic in a rural Ontario community.

Meet Dr. Adorjan

Dr. Gabe Adorjan was born in Hungary and arrived as an immigrant to the United States with his brother and parents at the age of twelve. He had an early natural affinity for computers and anything mechanical. In his early years, he worked with his father, a general contractor, building residential homes in the Valley. He has an aptitude for creative problem solving and became highly skilled at working with his hands.

Dr. Gabe Adorjan
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Do my teeth need to be in good shape to wear an oral appliance?

Sleep apnea is a silent and deadly disease we feel getting treated is your first priority. The devices are custom fit, and having broken or decayed teeth may cause problems but can be easily overcome. We prefer that your teeth are in good shape and have been cleaned recently, but it’s not critical to our program.

Patient Testimonial:Sleep Apnea Treatment in Manhattan Beach, CA

Poor sleep has many side effects. Weight gain and fatigue are very common. Everyone should be aware that the earlier sleep apnea is diagnosed, the easier it is to reverse. ... Read More

Patient Testimonial:Sleep Apnea Treatment in Manhattan Beach, CA

Obesity and weight gain are often blamed in sleep apnea. As you can see, plenty of thin people have it too. It can happen to anyone who runs low on ... Read More