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What is the best way to replace my missing teeth?

When you lose teeth it is important to consider replacing them for several reasons. When you are missing teeth, you can start becoming self-conscious about your smile. People often start to change the way they behave in public and around friends and family because they are embarrassed of their smile. Teeth can also start shifting after a while similar to pulling a book out of a book case. When you pull the book out the books next door fall into the space left by the book you removed. Teeth behave very similarly. Teeth next door drift in to fill the space and the tooth above and below can also erupt out of its socket to fill the space. Once this happens you may need expensive braces to correct the problem and create space for the tooth replacement.
There are pretty much only 3 ways to replace missing teeth. These three options involve bridges, removable partials or dentures and dental implants
If you've been putting off replacing your missing tooth, our team at Modern American Dentistry strongly suggest that you speak with a dental professional at our offices to learn more about your tooth replacement options in the Woodland Hills and Manhattan Beach Areas. 

Learn more regarding your tooth replacement options here.

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