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Do implants hurt?

When discussing dental implants with patients one of the first questions that we are often asked is will it hurt?

Dental implant placement is usually a painless procedure. At the time of surgery the surgical site is numbed thoroughly. There is never pain during the procedure since it is managed with proper anesthesia.

As far as post-operative pain, if there is any discomfort it usually arises from the manipulation of soft tissue. Depending on the quality and quantity of bone present, we can sometimes place the implant in a flapless fashion. That means that the hole for the implant is made directly through the gum without having to make a large incision. When an implant is placed flaplessly most patients experience absolutely no discomfort or pain after the procedure

If we have to lay a flap to visualize the bone there will be slightly more discomfort then during a flapless procedure but all of our patients are able to manage the slight discomfort with over-the-counter pain medication. There is never the need for prescription strength pain relief.

If you've been thinking about replacing missing teeth with implants don't let the fear of pain influence your decision. We will work hard to make the procedure as minimally invasive as possible. The proper use of anesthetic before and pain medication after will ensure that your experience is painless. If you've have any questions about dental implants, contact our office today!


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