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Is Mercury in Dental Amalgam Toxic?

Dental amalgam is a restorative material that has been safely used in dentistry to fill and restore tooth structure that has been lost through decayor other processes. Amalgam is made by mixing a powdered mixture of metals composed of particles of silver, tin and copper with elemental (liquid) mercury. Due to its silver color, it is also referred to as a “silver amalgam filling”.

Why is Mercury Used in Amalgam Fillings?

Liquid mercury is the only substance known that is able to effectively bind the metal particles together to form a strong, hard, and stable compound.
Mercury Toxicity, Dentistry, and The Environment.

Mercury toxicity and its use in dentistry has been a topic ...

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What Is a Root Canal?

To better understand what root canal therapy is and why it is a necessary treatment we need to cover some basic tooth anatomy. Teeth are essentially made of three layers: enamel, dentin, and pulp.  Enamel is the protective, external layer.  In fact, enamel is the hardest substance in the human body.  Dentin is the middle layer which is softer than enamel and is similar to bone in composition. The innermost layer, the pulp, is made of soft tissues, including blood vessels and the nerve of the tooth.

Technically speaking a root canal is the space in the root of a tooth through which nerves and blood vessels travel to provide nutrients ...

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