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Is Botox Safe?

Did you know that the Botox treatment is not a procedure used to fight off ageing? The truth is that Botox has become an option for medical treatments too. Maybe you did think about getting Botox for yourself but you are not sure if would be safe for you or not. Before you make any decisions about it, the best thing to do is to consult a trusted medical practitioner. There is no medical procedure that does not come with risks that’s why you always need to seek a doctor’s advice before going through one.

Botox is a procedure that could cause allergic reactions thus a doctor can help you determine ...

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Myths about Dental Cleanings

How often do you get your teeth cleaned? If you can’t remember the last time you had your teeth cleaning, you can only expect to suffer from tooth problems in the coming months. Although it may seem as if tooth cleaning is only an extra service that people avail of if they want to, it is a lot more important than that. In fact, everyone must avail of this service on a regular basis because without it, tooth problems will come.
And yet there are a lot of things about this dental service that people still need to discover. Sometimes people tend to disregard the facts because there are too ...

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Sleep Apnea and Brain Barriers

At Modern American Dentistry, we take sleep apnea very seriously. Recent studies show that the obstructed sleep caused by sleep apnea can actually have extremely negative effects on the human brain. Sleep is, by far, one of the most crucial elements to personal health and well-being, and so often people carelessly overlook this element of life.

We are too busy with work, studying, fun or just trying to get everything done in a single day, to really concern ourselves with our sleep patterns. And in the case that you do, in fact, concern yourself with sleep, that may impede even more on your attempts to fall asleep as thoughts of “if ...

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High Blood Pressure & Sleep Apnea

High blood pressure and sleep apnea are often connected by more than mere coincidence. They make a life-threatening pair and, if ignored, can drastically decrease your quality of life without you ever even noticing. However, a recent study suggests that simple solutions to your snoring problems can be found in the dentist’s office! A new technique called Oral Appliance Therapy may be able to completely cure sleep apnea!

As you may have already known, our California dental expert, Dr. Joel D Gould, is fascinated by sleep apnea and is constantly trying to guide suffering patients in the right direction by helping unsuspecting patients with early detection. We could not be more ...

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Maria's Empowering Transformation


Dr. Joel Gould met Maria DiGiovanni through Safe Passage, a non-profit organization helping women and their children break the cycle of domestic abuse. In the past Dr. Gould has provided dental care for the woman of this organization to help them regain their smile back and boost their confidence to rejoin society and the workplace.

Maria DiGiovanni is a survivor of domestic/sexual abuse prom by a law enforcement officer. Maria is now an ambassador for violence against woman. She counsels other survivors into rehabilitation through education and mentorship.

Within the past months Dr. Joel Gould has created a smile transformation on Maria with his new line of ...

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