Teeth Whitening in Manhattan Beach & Woodland Hills CA

Teeth whitening removes stains that have collected on the surfaces and grooves of your teeth, and makes your teeth appear whiter. You can use an at-home kit that you buy over-the-counter to whiten your teeth or visit one of our locations to get your desired results much faster.

At-home kits include either concentrated mixtures of a peroxide-based chemical, or in the case of whitening toothpastes, abrasive materials that polish your teeth while you brush. Be sure to consult with one of our dentists before choosing either option and inquire about professional teeth whitening products only available from a dental professional. Your unique combination of medical history and oral health will be the key to the option that works best for you.

With in-office bleaching, your dentist will determine your current tooth shade and oral health, as well as the level of whitening that you want to achieve.. After protecting your gums with a shield or a gel, your dentist will add a bleach concentrate that needs to sit on your teeth for a designated period of time, typically 30 minutes to an hour. A custom mouthpiece for at-home bleaching is also available as an option.

Depending on your current tooth color, adjust your expectations of the bleaching process, especially if you decide to use at-home bleaching kits. Tooth-colored fillings and bonds that have been applied to your front teeth will be a special case that your dentist will need to attend and adjust for. During treatment, your dentist may also suggest that you avoid certain foods because teeth often become sensitive during bleaching.

Be sure to make the right diet and lifestyle choices when considering bleaching, because everything that goes into your mouth affects the color of your teeth. Smoking, caffeine, and sugar can damage the enamel and change the color of your teeth, even after bleaching.

To get a brighter, whiter smile contact Modern American Dentistry for professional teeth whitening and bleaching advice.