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Gabe Adorjan, D.M.D.


Dr. Gabe Adorjan was born in Hungary and arrived as an immigrant to the United States with his brother and parents at the age of twelve. He had an early natural affinity for computers and anything mechanical. In his early years, he worked with his father, a general contractor, building residential homes in the Valley. He has an aptitude for creative problem solving and became highly skilled at working with his hands.

Dr. Gabe received a business degree from CSUN in 2001. After working in the real estate and mortgage industry for a few years and developing a customer service-centric business, he decided to follow his heart and his talents and attended UNLV dental school. He chose UNLV for their cutting-edge new technology-oriented dental school and program.

It was at UNLV that he was finally able to excel in his true talents and combine and hone his skillset of exceptional manual dexterity, computers, technology, and fantastic customer service in the ever-evolving world of modern dentistry.

Throughout his years of practice he has focused on his interest in oral surgery and implantology, which are his favorite procedures to perform. Dr. Gabe takes pride in having a gentle hand and easing fearful patients anxiety.

You can find Dr. Gabe taking lots of continuing education courses, fixing and building things, hiking, running with his dogs, and spending time with his wife Tasha and his baby Madelyn, and his soon to be son Jameson.

Locations for Gabe Adorjan, D.M.D.

  • Woodland Hills
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