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Is Mercury in Dental Amalgam Fillings Toxic?

Dental Amalgam Fillings

dental fillings Northridge caWhat is Dental Amalgam?

In use for over 150 years, silver  amalgam, a mixture of various powdered metals (such as silver and tin) elemental Mercury, which binds them all together into a putty like material that is packed into teeth, replacing missing tooth structure lost forms a hard strong stable compound.

Why is Mercury Used in Amalgam Fillings?

Liquid mercury is the only substance known that is able to effectively bind the alloy particles together to form a strong, hard, and stable compound.

Mercury Toxicity, Dentistry, and The Environment.

Mercury toxicity has been a topic of concern for decades. Mercury is present naturally and as ...

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Is Botox the Solution for TMJ Pain?

TMJ and Botox in Woodland Hills

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders are a group of conditions that affect the temporomandibular jaw joint and the surrounding muscles, often resulting in prolonged and severe pain.

At Modern American Dentistry, we often see patients in the Southern California area who say that TMJ pain is affecting their quality of life. We have found Botox to be an effective solution to help TMJ sufferers manage their pain.

How does Botox help TMJ Pain?

Botox works by paralyzing the tight muscles around the jaw, eliminating the resulting pain. Botox can also be used to relieve headaches caused by clenching or grinding. A small amount of Botox is injected into the problematic muscles, and injection sites ...

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Is Botox Safe?

Did you know that the Botox treatment is not a procedure used to fight off ageing? The truth is that Botox has become an option for medical treatments too. Maybe you did think about getting Botox for yourself but you are not sure if would be safe for you or not. Before you make any decisions about it, the best thing to do is to consult a trusted medical practitioner. There is no medical procedure that does not come with risks that’s why you always need to seek a doctor’s advice before going through one.

Botox is a procedure that could cause allergic reactions thus a doctor can help you determine ...

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